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Ongoing Costs

Your ongoing costs are the fees that will occur during your day-to-day operations of running a business – this may include wages, buying stock, internet fees, shipping/delivery fees, rent, and utilities. If you need to know more about start-up costs and budgeting, jump to Finances and Costs.

You may or may not need to worry about these costs depending on your business, and some could be regular costs:

  • Premises (lease, rent, mortgage)
  • Compliance needs (updating laws, policies, regulations)
  • Marketing (traditional and/or digital upkeep, signage, website)
  • Staff (training, wages, penalty rates, uniforms)
  • Fees and bills (registrations, equipment maintenance, electricity, gas, water)
Ongoing Costs

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For more information on common costs for your business, check out common business costs.